Installation of the sunroof on the car.

Sunroof on the car creates additional comfort inside the car.

sunroof on the carThere are two main types of sunroofs for cars – hard and soft. Hard cover are made of durable glass, and soft – sliding tracks, which do not pass water. They come with a manual or electromechanical drive. As for the sunroofs of the glass, they are also classified in the lifting and sliding. And yet, they are supplied with included sunscreen.

It is impossible to say with certainty what type of sunroofs for vehicles is considered to be the best, because each depends on fashion and personal preferences of car owners. For example, recently a large part of the driver has set the lifting sunroof, fitted with a manual drive, thanks to an affordable price with their low price and reliability. Recently, the owners opt for sliding sunroofs, fitted with an electromechanical drive.