Car air filter: what do we breathe?

Car air filterThe destination of car air filter is the cleaning of air, coming from the outside to the car saloon. Mostly, the air filter is located in front of the heating radiator: the heated purified air distributes over the windpipes and comes to the saloon. Such a constructive solution has different advantages: the heated air doesn’t cooling down, going through the filter, and the radiator doesn’t get clogged with the dust, leaves, insects and bacteria.
Apart from the mechanical admixtures, contained in the air, the filter removes the exhaust fumes, soot and tobacco smoke from the incoming air, making it fresh and pleasant to breathe.

An additional convenience is the fact that the street dust won´t to dirty the car saloon, getting into the upholstery.

Depending on the construction of your car, the installation and replacement of your filter can be realized both from the saloon (niche for the filter is usually located behind the glove box) and from underneath the hood.
The working principle of the car air filter is the same as that of any other air purifying systems: the filter element is installed on the way of the air flow, holding all the foreign impurities. The modern filters can eliminate the particles of 0, 1 microns, which is not just dust, but also a pollen, which is especially important for the people with allergies.