2015 Chrysler Town & Country

2015 Chrysler Town & CountryRight, If you’re somewhat familiar with the Chrysler town and country minivans then you’re not going to be surprise for 2015 there are many changes in fact there have been many changes to this minivan in quite awhile but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a place in the segment there are newer minivans. But there are still a number of features in the town a country that stand out in the minivan segment. So let’s check them out. When it comes a second and third row versatility the town and country still impresses and that’s because of its second row stow and go seating now it’s standard on all counting countries we creates a rather seamless cargo area conversion by the seats folding into bins in the floor the hunter has something called the magic seat that’s a card trick. Paired that disappearing yacht that is that Chrysler stone go system.

It works pretty well I only that you have to slide the front passenger and driver seats forward all the way. To open up the bin now on this particular limited trim while you have memory seats that make it a little easier getting back to your seating position otherwise there’s a lot of fussing with the front seats to get the second rope stoning go but otherwise it’s just yell pull the switch. It folds into before nice and easy you don’t have to remove any heavy seats. And you still have a ton of cargo room. Now that third row on this model is a.

How’re third row and it has many positions you can have it in the upright position the folded position and also a a tailgate position. We’re entertainment systems are a big part of the minivan segment in the town and country their premier system is this dual screen Blu ray sat up. Now it has a screen for more the second and third row it’s remote powered one remote controls both screens he also have wireless headphones. Now through the rear screen here were streaming and I fell through in it after the first screen we have a portable DVD player plugin but you can also substitute for any RCA type 5 device gaming system had similar the great thing about the dual screen setup is it’s not limited to the upper trim levels you can actually get it on the lower astral level where it’s standard on this limited platinum trim level it’s standard.

The town country stone go seating rear entertainment system and third row versatility are fantastic but there are other areas where the town country starting to show its age perhaps most importantly. Safety ratings. Town and country scores the insurance institute for highway safety is a lower score of poor and a small offset front crash test that’s important crash test because a good or acceptable rating are required to get the agency’s top safety pick that town and country and the related Dodge grand caravan don’t get it nor does the Nissan quest although many vendors segment though. They get the top safety. If you look at the Honda Odyssey of the kia Sedona. Inside those minivans you’re gonna get the auto maker’s latest and greatest multimedia offerings with. Big screens colorful displays all the latest connectivity features. And a Chrysler you’re not gonna get that Chrysler has an amazing 8.4 inch you can access Chrysler town and country headlight them but it’s not available in the town and country.

Here you’re left with the screen that looks like it has the resolution of a 15 year old Game Boy color. Second and third row versatility get a big thumbs up comfort and not so much. Both roads are a little narrow in the second row especially with these captain shares. The seats narrow in the padding is and then the third row the resting position of the power folding third row I isn’t that comfortable now who’s gonna be sitting back here kids are they gonna notice probably not especially if they’re in boosters are child seats. But if you have either have many teens or adults back here for a long trip not convinced this is the most comfortable seating arrangement to be had for the long haul. This clearly room for improvement with the Chrysler town and country. $41000 though you get a lot of solid family content for the money in this limited platinum trim level great thing is you don’t have to spend that much money to get some of the town of country’s most notable features now there is a lot of improvement fell and the good thing is you won’t have to wait that long to see it as a new town and country is expected in calendar year 20 sixth.