2009-2014 Honda Fit review

Office is a small economically priced fuel efficient vehicles we have 2 here to test we have a base automatic we also have a manual sport version. We really like the first generation of the fed let’s see how the second one does. One of our few complaints of the previous generation of the fit was driving position and this new one is a whole lot better there’s a lot more foot room is a nice dental fear left foot and I’ve added until the telescope will. As for the interior it’s a lot more functional than it is luxurious even though there’s no center console there’s lots of little cubbies.

Honda FitThe Fit and finish it’s pretty basic the glove box it’s not dampen it just drops open. And the trim made of hard plastics and you can see a lot of flash along the edges. As the controls are relatively easy to use. The climate control knobs are all over here on one side and the knobs are huge and very intuitive was not intuitive is is not for the radio it controls both volume and tuning and you select between the 2 by pressing it. And the power button it’s kind of small and off to the side. The front seats are Fuhrman supportive although I do wish there was a worthless just sent one of the great things about this car is the access getting in and out is really easy the roofline is really high in the door openings are huge. The rear seat is really roomy there’s lots of headroom and lots of foot room. And they’ve done lots of little tricks are hauling on cargo you can fold up the seat bottom. To hold on to all items or. You can fall down the seat back. Which hold on really flat and really low. And with both feet down there’s a ton of room in here especially for such a small car.

This version of the fake a little bit bigger and has a little more power. That increase in power is noticeable specially automatic. But this is a fast. Both the manual and automatic shift pretty smoothly because of the hearing on the manual it rubs pretty high and makes the noisier on highway. Fuel economy went down a little bit with its version of the fed we still get 30 with the automatic and 33 with the manual. The fed is available with electronic stability control which is rare for a car this size. Installed automatic Honda Accord headlights. We can only get it with the optional navigation package and that makes the kind of expensive. Office didn’t have electronic stability control in our void it’s maneuver the tenant away the tail of it.

The right to stiffen choppy especially on the sport and is quite a bit of road noise. But a high point for the fit is routine handling its nimble and it agile especially in the sport version with this larger tires. In this car has great visibility there’s glass all around the sale windows a really helpful invisibility on the back is great because of the low headrest when they’re stored. So the Honda fit it’s a really clever car. It’s fun to drive it’s got great fuel economy and it’s got lots of room inside and all that for only around $16000.